Are you a woman in mid-life ready to shift into your power?

Let's get started!

Stop apologizing for who you are and start standing in your power!

  • You’ve already tried everything over the years to master your emotions and improve relationships and nothing has changed.
  • You’ve tried suppressing your natural self, hoping the higher you would evolve.
  • You have awakened, yet you have no clear direction of your next steps to your higher emotional and spiritual self.

You’re in luck because I’ve created something for you!

Introducing my Shifting from FORCE to POWER program!

A system designed to create emotional mastery, spiritual power, and relational improvememt.

What I Will Teach You:

  • Techniques you may have never tried before to help you process your negative emotions and turn them into fuel for your success in a way that no one will ever teach you, using hypnotic phrases, metaphysical formulas, and astrological principles that will shift you instantly into your desired emotional, spiritual, and relationship paradigm.
  • How to integrate your perceived emotional struggles into your most positive powerful positioned self so you can stop suppressing your natural self.
  • How to navigate your newfound awakening state so you can FINALLY design the life you desire with emotional balance, spiritual power, and relationship mastery.

This program is for you if you desire:

  • The ability to bounce back quicker from traumatic setbacks
  • To invest in yourself so you can raise your overall value
  • To have specific formulas to place you in your emotional power
  • A go to power action that puts people in their place and keeps you from getting off your square.

This program is not for your if you desire:

  • To stay closed minded about your evolution
  • To stay stuck in negative life patterns
  • To remain powerless in situations that challenge you
  • Not to manifest your heart's desire

Why You Will Love Working With Me

After years of working with clients on an individual basis, I decided that I wanted to help more people, so I put all my superpowers together to create a program that would get to the core of emotional, spiritual, and relationship stressors for women in midlife.

Midlife is not just about chronological age. It’s about a cycle of emotional patterns that have come together to create what you call your life.

However, most of these patterns which are simply programs have been created on autopilot.

Somewhere between the ages of 35–65, there is an awakening that takes place that prompts us to do things differently, however many have no clue what to do with this newfound energy.

This leads to more roads of trying things that lead you away from yourself and causes more frustration which then leads you right back where you started.

If this sounds familiar then this course is for you.

You have been stuck in an energy of FORCE, which pulls you away from yourself and into things you really don’t want to do, but you have no clue how to shift into your own personal power.

Midlife is the perfect time to begin your new shifting experience. Why?

  • You’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked long term.
  • You are aware of your undesirable patterns and you are inspired to change them.
  • You are open to new ways of thinking and being that go against what you’ve traditionally been taught.

As an Adult Learning Education Specialist (Ed. S), I’m aware that adults bring with them their own brand of tools into a transformational experience. You have learned a lot and you know things that you didn’t know when you were younger. This is a good thing!

However, the problem can also be that what used to work for you no longer works and you need an upgrade, a tune-up, or a major emotional overhaul that will get you back in touch with your power.

This is where I come in to save the day and bring you back to yourself so you can transform into the emotional and spiritual powerhouse you were meant to be, so you can transform your relationship with yourself and others.

I will share with you the creative ways in which you can use astrology, metaphysics, and hypnosis to restructure your mind to align you with your higher self!

We will have a transformational good time mindscaping you to your destiny!

Bonus #1:
If you join now, you get 3 hypnotic tracks that will immediately shift you to your higher self.
Track 1: Love Relationship Alignment
Track 2: Prosperity Alignment
Track 3: Soul Surrender Alignment

More About the Course:

Module 1 Power Mindset
Personal Power Blockers and how to Break Them
Mind's Desire vs Your Heart's Desire
The 3 Faces of Consciousness
The Positive Power Position Formula
Module 2 Introduction Emotional Mastery
The Difference Between Truth and Reality
How to Remove These 3 Power Blockers
The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion
Use Your Heart to Gain Power over Emotion
The Emotional Freedom Formula
Module 3 Introduction From Mind to Heart
Review of the PPP and EFF
Your Feelings=YOU: A Peek into Self-Concept Rearranging
The Seat of Your Power
Moving from Mind to Heart Formula
Mind Heart Unification Message
Module 4 Introduction Self-Concept Rearranging
The 3 Pillars of Self-Love that Leads to Power
How to Recycle Negative Experiences for Fuel
How PPP and EFF Unlocks the Next Level
Shifting Reality to Energize Your Soul
The Feeling Produces the Results
Module 5 Introduction Self-Anchoring
How To Anchor the Self
How to Remain Emotionally Anchored
The Alchemy of Anchoring
The Main Cause of Anxiety (becoming unanchored between desires and feelings)
One Mind/bridging opposing energies
Module 6 Emotional Discipline
Suppression vs Discipline for Shifting into Healing the Past
What is discipline and where does it come from
How discipline creates freedom
How to use the 12 disciples to seal your discipline
How discipline heals past trauma
The Role Discipline Plays in Mastering Emotions
How to Tap into Substance=Feeling(the evidence of things unseen)

Bonus #2 Private Podcast Stream
The entire course is on a private podcast stream so you can listen and multi-task at your convenience.

Bonus #3 Group Coaching

You will get group coaching of no more than 6 per group where you will have the opportunity to have direct guidance from me and practice with your accountability peers.



This course is for you...

  • If you have always wanted to gain leverage in your life without having to be forceful this course is for you
  • If you have always wanted to manifest the desires of your heart, even when it seems impossible, this course is for you
  • If you have always wanted to be heard and understood, instead of being dismissed, this course is for you
  • If you have always wanted to improve your relationships without suppressing who you are this course is for you
  • If you have always wanted to elevate the quality of your life, instead being stuck in the status quo, this course is for you
  • If you've ever wanted to learn how to fill your soul spaces, so you never feel unsupported in life.


I’m Lynn Fux from Isreal

I worked with Candi because I wanted to deal with issues around being stuck.

Candi Helped me by giving me the ability to rewire my past and filled me with a sense of wholeness, wellness and empowerment. 

The result is I can now move forward with confidence and new ideas about my life. 

The one thing I like about her was her ability to build trust with me through her smile, warmth and compassion. 

I found the experience to be Extra-terrestrial. It was easy, comfortable and such an altogether healing experience like I have never experienced before. 

I would recommend this session to people who have any issues that’s holding them back and wants to get unstuck. 

See what they are saying,..