How Controlling Your Emotions Can Help with Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreaming


John Lennon—Edgar Allen Poe—Stephen King—Carl Jung—Richard Linklater—Niels Bohr: The Structure of The Atom—Elias Howe: The Eye of The Needle—Albert Einstein: The Speed of Light—James Cameron director of Avatar—Nikola Tesla—Walt Disney—

Life is but a dream!

Meditation and manifesting is like poverty. The people who need to do it the most do it the least, because they are usually in a crisis and are stuck in their game. 

To get unstuck from the program you have to detach while at the same time become more engaged with yourself on a deeper level. 

Most people detach from themselves in an effort to detach from the situation. This is a HUGE mistake, because now the very program you are trying to escape has the needed momentum to take you exactly where you don’t wish to go. You have chosen to check out, while your program is still running. This is what medication does. However, meditation does the opposite. It gives you the power back to change the program completely. 

3D= Egos interpretation of reality

4D= The conscious mind is asleep and the limitless subconscious mind is active

5D= The place where the super subconscious creates the program that is to come

The advantage of mastering your dreams is to gain an advantage in this 3D reality before it materializes. What makes a dream lucid is you become aware you are dreaming within the dream. 

This is the best way to also overcome your fears. 

Get answers to your most pressing questions

Act out things you feel you can’t do in the 3D world

Master a skill

Countless other things

Ed Kellog practiced healing experiments in his dreams

Tesla solved difficult equations in his dreams

Lucid dreaming is perfect for people with PTSD

To master lucid dreaming you must:

  1. Control your emotions
  2. Have a specific goal before going to sleep
  3. Meditate into the dream state
  4. Decide on a cue that you are aware that you are lucid within the dream
  5. Wake up and write down the dream
  6. Revisit the dream for complete understanding and manifestation
  7. Know that life is but a dream

You can not control others in your dream, however you can send them telepathic messages. 

If there is a person or situation you want to change the best thing to do is to put silence and distance between you and the person or situation and work things out in your dreams 

If dreaming is too difficult for you to achieve you can always meditate, which will take you to the 4D reality as

 well. In my experience quantum jumping is equal to lucid dreaming, because you are shifting realities as well.

The movie the Matrix is not really a movie its a documentary

Don’t stare at objects too long because becoming too attached to objects can collapse your dream same as becoming too emotional

Prolong your dreams

Touch something

Close your eyes

Find your hands

Bend reality in your dreams and it becomes so in your “waking” life. 

Lucid dreaming plain and simple amazon